11-13 Oct 2024

Dance Workshops

AYS?! 2023 dance workshops will focus on the roots of African and African American dance, musicality and your movement. Anyone with at least 1 year of swing dance experience is welcome to participate in the main workshop track on Saturday and Sunday. All the main workshop classes are open-level classes meaning participants are not divided into levels.

In order to have the best experience at the workshop, we invite you to register according to your preferred learning environment. To increase your chances of getting a spot in the workshop, we recommend registering with a partner.

Saturday Schedule

13-14hMarie & FelipeSmile TrioYasemin
14h05 – 15h05Marie & FelipeSmile TrioYasemin
15h05 – 16hbreakbreakbreak
16h – 17hSmile TrioMarie & FelipeMariana

Sunday Schedule

14-15hSmile TrioMarie & FelipeMariana
15h05 – 16h05Smile TrioMarie & FelipeMariana
16h05 – 17hbreakbreakbreak
17h – 18hMarie & FelipeYaseminSmile Trio

We offer 3 different dance tracks


Teachers: Marie N’diaye, Felipe Braga, Smile trio

If you enjoy swinging out, you admire your partner’s footwork variations in an open dance position, you like to feel the wind in your hair and enjoy travelling around while dancing, then we recommend the Honeydrippers track. A minimum of 1 year of active dancing experience is required to join this group.


Teachers: Mariana Souza, Yasemin Alpay, Smile trio

If you want to improve your understanding and feeling of rhythms and practice musicality from the perspective of the rhythmic instrument that is your feet, then this is the class for you. A minimum of 1 year of active tap dancing and/or solo jazz dancing experience is required to join this group. Tap dance shoes are optional, not necessary.


Teachers: Marie N’diaye, Felipe Braga, Yasemin Alpay

If you enjoy dancing in smaller spaces, steaming hot late-night parties are your thing, you like to dance in close embrace, strolling and shuffling, sliding and gliding is your thing, then you’ll meet like-minded dancers in the Ramblers track. A minimum of 1 year of active dancing experience is required to join this group.

Dance Teachers

Marie N’diaye

Dr. Marie N’diaye (Ph.D.) is a Jazz Dance choreographer, performer and educator as well as a dance researcher. She specialises in Jazz Dance (African American Vernacular Jazz), including the partnered form (Lindy Hop), focusing on the legacy of Harlem dancers from the Savoy Ballroom as well as the chorus line tradition from night clubs and theatres (such as the Apollo Theater, the Cotton Club,  Connie’s Inn…) and has applied her scientific method and dance education to conduct an embodied practice-based research of Jazz dance through the study of original video clips, and collaborations with elders and other established dancers.

Marie is the founder of the non-profit organisation “Collective Voices for Change” which aims to promote cultural appreciation and respect for African American Jazz Dances. She is also a board member of the “Black Lindy Hoppers Fund”, whose mission is to support and promote Black artists in their practice, performance, and transmission of Jazz Dances, especially Lindy Hop.

Felipe Braga

Felipe is a Brazilian Jazz dancer who grew up in an environment where music, dance, and rhythm are a part of everyday life. He came across Lindy Hop while living in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and was drawn by the rhythms and the beauty of the social dance culture which reminded him of his own. He started frequenting the vibrant porteña swing dance scene of the time which took him to travel the world following his passion.
Currently living in Berlin, Felipe travels the world performing and teaching. His classes focus on the social encounter of Jazz dance, allowing for the exchange of rhythm and the shared experience of Swing.

Mariana Souza

Brazilian talent Mariana Souza received musical education at the distinguished “Conservatório Brasileiro de Música” and dance training at “Centro de Movimento Deborah Colker” which solidified her knowledge in classical ballet, contemporary dance, jazz, and tap dance.

In 2007, Mariana’s star soared when she graced the stage of Hamburg’s acclaimed musical “The Lion King.” Since then, she has performed in famous productions like “West Side Story” and the Disney Musical “Mary Poppins” in Vienna. Mariana’s journey has led her to the renowned Komische Oper Berlin, where she regularly appears in shows including “Kiss Me Kate,” “The Pearls of Cleopatra,” “The Grand Duchess of Gerolstein,” “Clivia,” “Roxy and Her Wonder Team,” “West Side Story,” and “Chicago.”

Yasemin Alpay

Originally from Turkey, Yasemin is a Berlin-based swing dancer and fell in love with swing in Berlin on the social dance floor. She quickly got obsessed with the music, and connected to another soul by sharing the unique moment through dancing. She has been teaching regular Authentic Jazz and Lindy Hop classes locally and in festivals and won many competitions in the international swing scene, but her favourite will always remain social dancing. Her classes prioritise groove, self-expression, rhythm and African American values that she is trying to learn, and explore with the community.

Maputo Smile trio

This experienced trio is working on the historical lineage that connects Lindy Hop to its African roots. Hailing from Mozambique, these three members of the Maputo Afro Swing Association will bring dance traditions from different parts of Africa into the modern world of Lindy Hop to shine a light on its roots with joy, expression and a love for human connections.

Registration is open until
August 27, SEPTember 10