Music Lineup

Syncopated Sisters
All-Star Band

Named after the residency and podcast of the same name that spotlights female musicians and composers, this band is a completely new formation for the festival and a first meeting for all of them. Three of the musicians are coming to Berlin, especially for the occasion: renowned trombonist Shannon Barnett, trumpeter Marie-Anne Standaerd, a returning favourite from last year’s Syncopated Sisters residency, and drummer Ophélie Luminati from Paris, who plays old style with great success in Paris. Additional musicians include Svetlana Marinchenko on piano, Roz Macdonald on bass and Charlotte Joerges on reeds. This band will be rehearsing a repertoire specially designed for the festival and we are extremely fortunate and excited to be able to bring these formidable musicians together on stage.

Nick Rossi Swing Six

Nick Rossi, the swing sensation from San Francisco, will light up the stage at Are You Syncopated?! One of California’s most popular swing dance bandleaders, his driving rhythm guitar style was showcased for the first time in Berlin during last year’s Jam Cats. For our festival, he will once again be joined by his group’s featured tenor saxophonist/clarinettist Kamrin Ortiz, an energetic acolyte in the Texas tenor tradition, as well as introducing multi-instrumentalist/arranger Riley Baker on drums. They will perform for us alongside some very special guests, who will be announced soon.
With an approach grounded in classic Kansas City jazz and a strong affinity for the Swing Era of the mid-to-late 1930s into the early 1940s, Nick’s Swing Six mixes earthy roots with style and sophistication. The group will showcase favourites from its riff-based repertoire of head arrangements and spotlight features, mixing classics with lesser-known favourites.  


In Berlin’s vibrant jazz scene, the Rufus Temple Orchestra stands out for its authenticity and passion for the classic sounds of hot jazz. Consisting of band’s pillars Katharina Von Fintel on banjo and Nikolai Scharnofske on Tuba and bass plus four other gentlemen, this ensemble’s devotion to the early traditional jazz of the 1920s is present in every note they play. And it’s not only their music but also their impeccable attention to detail in recreating the aesthetics of the Jazz Age, from their dapper attire to the ambience they create.

Their latest music video by Andrea Ramirez Ruiz & Jack B. Latimer for their composition “Sashimi Strut” is a testament to their creativity and dedication, capturing the essence of their music in a great home-grown production. It’s no wonder that the Rufus Temple Orchestra has garnered acclaim both locally and beyond. As they make their long-awaited debut at this year’s festival, it’s a momentous occasion for the band and jazz lovers alike. The presence of the Rufus Temple Orchestra will also add early jazz to an already stellar AYS lineup.


Known for their dynamic performances, the Tenement Jazz Band met some of the bands from the Syncopation Society at last year’s Jazz Fest. The band has become a fixture on the UK touring circuit and we are delighted to bring them to mainland Europe. As their pedigree shows, these guys are already well-established, having performed alongside Meschiya Lake and stride piano sensation Stephanie Trick. Their hit show ‘The Red Hot Roots of Jazz’ is a regular sell-out at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

In 2024, the band introduced ‘Jazz a la Carte’, a food-themed show, and ‘Tenement Jazz Band’s Cabinet of Musical Wonder’, aimed at introducing children to acoustic instruments and analogue sound.

Their music is rooted in classic New Orleans jazz, emphasizing collective improvisation over solos, with creative arrangements and a distinctive sound. Some of their recorded songs such as “New Orleans Wiggle” and “Bogalusa Strut” show a unique approach and passion for the genre. As part of the new wave of young traditional jazz bands, the Tenement Jazz Band is keeping the spirit of classic jazz alive and well.

More to be announced!

More to be announced!