How do I register?

The PARTY PASS and the DANCE PASS are sold on a “first-come, first-served” basis. So don’t wait to secure your pass!

Registration for the MUSIC PASS will be open from 06.06.2024 to 05.07.2024. There will be an application form. You will receive an email by the 15.07.2024 to let you know if there’s a spot available for you. If we have space for you, you will receive a link to complete your purchase and secure your pass.

The DANCE PASS and the MUSIC PASS include the Party Pass plus the workshops.

Why are there 3 prices?

There are 3 prices for each pass, depending on your situation. Note that we rely on a healthy balance so please SUPPORT US IF YOU CAN! 🙏.

How can I pay?

You can buy the PASS with the most common means of payment via the REGISTRATION page. Note that PayPal has super high fees, so choose something else if you can.

A bank transfer is also possible (and our preferred option because it saves costs on processing fees). Just write us an email at registration@areyousyncopated.de to reserve your pass and we’ll send you an invoice for your bank transfer.


François Perdriau, Nina Thaler, Florent Mannant GbR
Syncopation Society
Silbersteinstraße 133
12051 Berlin

GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG
IBAN: DE18 4306 0967 1140 6330 00

Where is everything happening?

The main action will take place at SÄÄLCHEN and STATTHAUS BÖCKLERPARK.

Are the dance floors suitable for dancers?

Venues are suitable for dancing and we will add dance powder if needed. We kindly ask the non-dancing audience to take care of their shoes and change them if necessary before entering the dance floor (bad weather).

How can I get on the waiting list?

In case we are sold out you can get in touch and ask to be on the waiting list here: registration@areyousyncopated.de We will get in touch if there are more tickets. 

🧡 Volunteers 🧡

Volunteers are priceless and we wouldn’t manage without you! You will be able to access the festival and enjoy it whenever you’re not on duty. For more information send a message to Katharina at kat@syncopation.de.

Community fund

We have a price policy that aims to allow as many people as possible to attend. If you would like to benefit from the community fund, send an email to registration@areyousyncopated.de with “Community fund” in the subject. Write us a short message with a suggestion of the amount. Note that our fund is limited and also relies on other participants’ contributions.

Can I come and jam?

We will keep a small contingent of tickets reserved for musicians who would like to attend the festival and jam sessions. In case we are sold out, you can get in touch.

We are parents and want to take turns coming to the festival, can you do something for us?

In that specific case, you are allowed to share a pass. Write us at registration@areyousyncopated.de, tell your story and add a family pic.

Can I cancel my ticket?

Yes, under certain conditions. Please see the terms and conditions

Can I transfer my pass to someone else?

Festival passes will be personalised and can only be used by one person for the entire event. You can transfer your ticket to someone else, but you must notify us before October 9, 2024, and provide the contact details of the new participant.

For any other questions regarding the festival, please send us an email (English, German, or French) to registration@areyousyncopated.de.